John Walker & Sons XR 21 (75cl)

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Aged for at least 21 years, John Walker & Sons XR Aged 21 Years includes extra rare casks from distilleries no longer in production. Created in honour of Sir Alexander Walker's British knighthood, awarded to him in 1920. Inspired by Sir Alexander Walker's original blending notes, which demonstrate an unrivalled understanding of flavour and craft.

Assured, balanced and elegant, John Walker & Sons XR Aged 21 Years has intriguing layers of intensity that are both surprising and delightful. Sweet honey and tempered spices come cloaked in warming smoke. Citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits and caramel swirl within hints of tobacco and raisins. The long, smooth, soothing finish is complex and fascinating - a myriad of influences played out over a subtle tapestry of peatiness.