Teaninich 17 Years Old Special Release 2017

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Released during the distillery’s 200th year, this Highland single malt was distilled before Teaninich underwent significant expansion. Reflecting its older style of production, the whisky makes an excellent aperitif or a partner to Asian cuisine. Initially sweet and zesty, this dram layers herbal notes under its toffee, lemon and apple flavours.

香味 強度⼗⾜,麥芽中帶有堅果和太妃糖的香氣,⽔果、⽊炭和其他有機的香氣慢慢流 露⽽出。 ⼝感⼗分厚實,辛辣中可以感受到飽和的甜味,令⼈滿意。