Glenmorangie The Original 70cl with Giraffe Gift Tin
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「長頸鹿」一直以來都是格蘭傑酒廠最重要的品牌元素與象徵: 格蘭傑酒廠採用全蘇格蘭最高,如成年長頸鹿身高高度 (樓板以上高達5.14公尺) 的蒸餾器。釀造出來的酒體亦宛如長頸鹿般的優雅和諧,讓格蘭傑威士忌與長頸鹿有了密不可分的關係。


The giraffe has long been a beloved symbol of the Highland Distillery, perfectly illustrating the height of its stills, the tallest in Scotland. With necks as tall as an adult male giraffe, they take its whisky on a longer excursion, for a delicate spirit, with more ‘space’ for taste and aroma.