Johnnie Walker
以時細淬 尊榮風華

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John Walker & Sons XR21

This blend is crafted using an extremely rare three-stage blending method reserved from our most exclusive whiskies including now silent Port Dundas distillery.

The whisky is assured, balanced and elegant, with layers of citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits and hints of tobacco.

John Walker & Sons XR 21年的誕生,是極罕有的三個階段調配方法精心配製的成果。威士忌的風味展現出均衡優雅的風采;柑橘果皮、熟透的熱帶水果和點滴的煙草滋味,層次深邃迷人。

Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years

Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years is a smooth, well-rounded combination of 18 different whiskies from all over Scotland. Most of these are classic malt whiskies – which have undergone a slow, easy maturation in Scotland for at least 18 years.

Johnnie Walker 甄選來自蘇格蘭的18種不同麥芽威士忌和穀物威士忌悉心淬煉而成,唯有Johnnie Walker方有如此豐富的18年威士忌酒藏來釀造這款豐富、複雜的調和威士忌。