The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Year Old 70cl with Deluxe Whisky Flask

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This collection has a deep, shiny amber color, accompanied by berry fruit aroma.

It serves with a soft, silky texture. Sweet, sticky with a hint of milk chocolate and ginger, lead to a warming finish.

此酒款⾊澤呈現深邃閃亮之琥珀⾊, 氣味溫暖雋永, 並伴隨水果乾的氣息。

酒體介於輕淡⾄中濃之間,⼝感有如絲綢般軟滑, 香甜軟黏, 餘味持久度中, 略帶牛奶巧克力和薑的風味。